Week 1 – Sir Kam

Knights of the Road – Week 1 (Photovoice submission for Sir Kam)

How did what happened change your life, at home and at work?

Well that’s a broad time line for me. At first I didn’t know if I could drive a truck. It took me 30 minutes just to turn it on,  and another 30 min to put it gear. But I did it over the years. I had a few close calls that put me into a “panic” if you will, but I stop and get myself together. I go out of my way to shut down if it’s high congestion time or if an accident, I shut it down. I stay home on major holidays. Or give myself alot of extra time to make it. I have missed holidays with my family because it’s just too stressful for me. My accident happened Labour day weekend and I park it, no ifs ands or buts.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 – Sir Kam

  1. Totally get the “panic”. You get in those moments where your ass cheeks squeeze together and your insides can’t help but go back to that day.

  2. Gotta say…love the mother/father image. I wish they could it the other way around. Just because it’s so true. If only people knew what it is to be miles and miles away. When your kid is sick and your at 2000 miles away and you just wish you could be there for them!

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