Week 1 – Sir Kramer

Knights of the Road – Week 2 (Photovoice submission for Sir Kramer)

How did what happened change your life, at home and at work?

The entire experience changed the way I feel about trucking …… some days I don’t want to open that curtain and get in the seat…… I’m constantly wondering what else in this world I could do and be proud of and give me the same feelings that trucking use to give me….. I’m one thing…. a driver ….. it provides a great living for me and I loved every second of it …. but the love and passion and confidence I had for it died right along side of the passenger in the car that hit me head-on. But what are you suppose to do??? You have bills to pay and mouths to feed …..

One thought on “Week 1 – Sir Kramer

  1. I loved this job. In many ways I still do but it’s just not the same since I had my wreck. I agree with how you put that, a piece of me died on highway 20 as well. Even my enjoyment of trucks themselves has not been the same. Its always in the back of my mind. Even looking at purchasing a new truck the thoughts go through my head, what if? How would this truck handle it? Would it stop faster? A dangerous rabbit hole

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