Week 2 – Sir Josy

Week 2 - Sir Josy (Pills and Night Sky)

What do you want people – such as the public, friends, family, health care providers, people in companies – to know about what you went through?

When you see people with stitches or broken bones or missing arm/leg (you think) you know this person can no longer work. When people like me are stuck with a traumatizing image in their head you think (or say) it’ll pass/it won’t last. But most of the time it does last. It’s not because we drive a huge truck that we are invisible.

I was able to drive trucks again but I was so nervous when people passed by and more nervous when I saw a deer. I still have those mental images that will never go away and that prevent me from driving trucks again.

When you see something it’s like you become part of a horror movie, the perspective is different.

Orion was never the easiest constellation to find. When we crashed, the first thing I saw was Orion where the roof was supposed to be. Now, everytime I look at the sky it’s the only one I see. That constellation keeps bringing me back to that moment, to when I noticed something was wrong.

Because of that mental image I can no longer drive by night or let my husband drive, not even the car.

Talking “happy” pills will never take that mental image away!

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