Week 5 – Sir Kramer

Knights of the Road – Week 5 (Photovoice submission for Sir Kramer)

Non-truckers don’t know much about truckers’ relationships with the trucks. They may be a means to an end (income, benefits) or something more personal (family tradition, freedom of the road) or even something else (a safe/familiar place, a companion, an obligation).

What does the truck, whether it’s yours or not, mean to you?

Any truck I drive is a part of my family …… I know it sounds completely ridiculous to most but it’s true in my eyes. My kids pose with it for family pictures, my entire family and friends help me shine it….. I park it outside my house on the weekends in my driveway so I can see it from my favourite chair while I’m inside. Much of my weekends are spent polishing it and getting it ready for the week ahead…. just like I’d comb my kids hair and iron their clothes for Sunday Church…. it’s a representation of me.

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