Week 6 – Sir Dreamchaser

Knights of the Road – Week 6 (Photovoice submission for Sir Dreamchaser)

As you look back at all the changes in your personal and professional life since the trauma you were involved in, are any of the changes positive? This week, share stories and photos about any good, positive, healthy or beneficial things that came about as a result of being involved in a tragic event.

I tried not to look at any of the others submissions until after I had finished mine but I had to look to find some sort of inspiration and I could only find that the only positive things that came out of these events. I am fortunate others not as much but as others have noted mine were my spouse, kids, family and their strength to help me carry me. I think in a way these events have made us stronger individuals, have made our families stronger and prepared us for just about anything that could be thrown at us, if you want to look at it that way, its hard to. After all we have endured thus far, we have persevered and survived, we’ve stumbled, struggle but we have gotten up again, haven’t we?

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