Week 6 – Sir Poppa

Knights of the Road – Week 6 (Photovoice submission for Sir Poppa)

As you look back at all the changes in your personal and professional life since the trauma you were involved in, are any of the changes positive? This week, share stories and photos about any good, positive, healthy or beneficial things that came about as a result of being involved in a tragic event.

The changes I have gone though are not all positive but there are some that came from it. One major thing is learning that life is fragile and worth a lot as we tend to not always think that things we or others do affects us. Another is that I have met the love of my life and he is thinking about maybe going for his. In this maybe I can go with him if he does that once in a while as I’m out of the big trucks now and do miss them. Other things that have happened is that I’m able to now look back and not see the bad things that happened as much and focus on the good memories I have from those years and miles on the road the places I’ve been the people I’ve meet. Regarding the photo, she is someone that I wouldn’t have had. She’s a rescue and she came into my life after I left and helped me to heal I now have 2 cats and a husband that I love and they love me they make my world so much better.

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