Week 7 – Sir Kramer

Knights of the Road – Week 7 (Photovoice submission for Sir Kramer)

How many of you have been back to revisit the crash site? Did it help to see it or make things worse? It’s been almost 5 years since my wreck and I just realized I’m going to be in the area for the first time since it happened later this week.

I pass the site a few times a week……. I always mentally prepare myself as I approach it….. I catch myself holding my breath and then let it out once I pass…. I’m not really sure why I do that …. I just do.

I keep these flowers in my bunk with the intention of laying them next to the cross on the side of the road…. the first few times driving by the site I started slowing down to pull over but I just couldn’t do it and drove off….. every time I go by I would get closer to stoping….. one day I finally stoped and grabbed the flowers out of my bunk but I couldn’t open my door and actually get out so I just sat there for a few moments and then left.

Maybe not today, tomorrow, next week or even next year….. but Someday these flowers will get there…..

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