Sir Jesse – Week 1

Knights of the Road – Week 1 (Photovoice submission for Sir Jesse)

How did what happened change your life, at home and at work?

I never leave home without some kind of over-the-counter pain medications. I do not need to take them every day but when I am having a day worse than others I know I will not function without them. They have become a part of my life. I have them in every vehicle, lunch kit, and pocket. I know I am lucky. I do not consider it chronic pain. I am not on disability or prescription pain pills. I am still able to work, cook and clean, and look after my family. I still have a good quality of life and most days I am able to still do the things I enjoy like gardening, horseback riding, and swimming. The pain is always there though. An annoying pain. Just enough that I know it’s there and that it will ALWAYS be there. I was only 24 years old when my incident happened and it has been over ten years. I don’t remember what it is like to not have constant pain. 

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