Sir PeteWilson – Week 2

Knights of the Road – Week 2 (Photovoice submission for Sir Pete Wilson)

What do you want people – such as the public, friends, family, health care providers, people in companies – to know about what you went through?

What I went through? I was watching TV after I got home, before I had my hand rebuilt, a Criminal Minds episode. I had my phone shut off from the constant calling, mainly insurance, police and our safety department. The episode starts with a truck driver just cruising along at night to the radio, rounds a curve to find a car in his lane. The screeching tires. The quiet of the engine. That smashing sound, its one you’ll never forget. When I opened my eyes I was across the house with my hands over my ears.

From there it was countless nights of no sleep from the pain, the pins in my hand, the thoughts and the stress. I paid the minimum WCB coverage so my benefit barely covered rent and the car payment. Every day was a war with insurance. When you are the sole provider and aren’t rendered basically useless till further notice its a horrible feeling. I think the absolute worst of the whole thing though was fighting “the system”. The policy and procedures of insurance companies. Bills and little mouths don’t care about policy. Getting sued by WCB for my insurance payout was the icing on the cake. Turns out the form you have to sign for them to begin paying your benefit is also the same form that entitles WCB to any monies paid out by an insurance company. Begs the question, then why even have WCB?

I only wish I had a picture of our empty spare room and the circle I paced into the carpet as I watched everything we worked for get flushed down the drain over something that wasn’t even my fault.

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