Sir Poppa – Week 3

Knights of the Road – Week 3 (Photovoice submission for Sir Poppa)

This week, we can explore a few related topics. Think back to the collision and the weeks and months right after it. Think about the help you did – or DID NOT – get… and where you got it or wanted to get it from. 

What was good – and what wasn’t? In a perfect world, what support should be there truckers who may go through this in the future?

Right after my accident the support I received from my company was awesome but one thing that was not offered was someone to talk to about how it was affecting you, how it would affect you. The thought of what could I have done differently, could I have spent more time on my pretrip, could I have left earlier or later, would that have made a difference. Also once the symptoms showed, having WCB telling you that in no way this was from the accident because it was 6 months previous. It takes time, our minds are complex and tough as nails. We have come a long way from then but still we need our Health care and government, our employers, to understand that we can and do suffer from Mental Health issues and we are human beings not numbers. We need the public to understand that we are on the road so they can live there lives, buy there goods and we are just doing our jobs and trying to get home to our loved ones in one piece. We try and drive safely at all times but again we our human we do make mistakes. We ask for respect and understanding when we are driving, give us space and time, we don’t want to hurt you, ourselves, or someone you love, or we love.

The context of these cars is that we are all beautiful.

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