Sir Poppa – Week 4

Knights of the Road – Week 4 (Photovoice submission for Sir Poppa)

Roadside memorials can be found on roads large and small, urban and rural, all over Canada. They mark the location of a tragic loss. How do you feel about these memorials in general? What feelings or thoughts come to you when you see them?

(Bonus optional question: You may know the circumstances of some of these memorial sites. Is there anything you’d like to say to the people involved in those events?)

Roadside memorials can be both good and bad. I see the reason why people will put them up as a reminder to others that something happened here that someone died. It can serve well to remind us that tragedy happens But on the other side it can lead to being a distraction to drivers and cause people to slow down and rubberneck which can cause more accidents and tragedy. That being said in some cases we need to remember that we are human and emotional and we usually put these up to help us heal.  

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