About the researcher

Morgan Beaudry is completing this research as a requirement for her Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at Royal Road University in Victoria BC. 

Beaudry has worked in many jobs, roles, and industries in her life but they all have one thing in common – they are all focussed on empowering others. Beaudry studied communications at Red River College in Winnipeg. In the past two decades, Beaudry has worked for many newspapers and magazines as a writer, editor, and as a photographer and photo editor in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. She also worked in communications for various government departments and non-profit organizations. She taught journalism and photography theory and practiced as a sessional instructor and FNuniv.

Because much of her journalism career focussed on police and the courts, specifically crime, trauma, and fatal collisions, she became passionate about driver safety and mental health. She welcomed a career change that enabled her to work for SGI in traffic safety, examinations, as well as customer outreach and engagement. She also took on special projects involving policy analysis and instructional design. She earned her 1A trucking commercial licence in February 2016. 

Beaudry was working closely with truckers when she began her graduate studies in 2016. Their concerns and interests had a profound influence on her studies and the formation of her thesis. 

She lives in Regina with her husband and four cats. She intends to revisit truckers’ mental health concerns in future PhD studies. She continues to work in community outreach and social justice.