Roll Call

Welcome, Knights!

In this thread, you can greet your fellow Knights, introduce yourself, share what’s on your mind, or even say something about why you joined this project in its noble quest for knowledge!

This is your casual conversation space.

18 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. 7:45 am on the fraser river, lie in bed and look at my sched for today in this my second month of retirement. Not that much to do but everything takes longer as I cannot drive due to a heart attack

      1. A visit to the Jim pattison outpatient centre for an echo cardiogram something that takes me 5 hours on transit. As to the view, sunsets are spectacular, the land view is most like a gravel pit with none of the advertised amenities and lots of dust instead. I will be moving in the fall this place really sucks.

  2. Good morning today is Monday and off to great start with a bang. Back in Texas, San Antonio to be exact, will load today and head to the house for a couple of days off!! Life is good. Hope all are doing well today too.

  3. I’ll start us off – I am feeling thankful and blessed today. In meeting each of you on the phone, in video calls, in email and on Facebook Messenger, I have met amazing, brave, wise, funny, and generous people. I am looking forward to our time together and learning from you all.

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