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The last word goes to YOU!
I’m also putting up Final Say gallery.

If you have a story to tell that does not fit with the other topics, this is where it can go.
If you want to drop your opinion of this project in there, please do.
If you learned anything that either surprised you OR confirmed something you suspected, talk about that.
If you have advice for anyone in this group or beyond it, share your ideas.

4 thoughts on “The Last Word

  1. Before this study started I knew I was not the only one with PTSD that can no longer drive but never knew any one like that. I did consider myself weaker than other drivers that have been back on the road after there accident. It is still hard for me because I’m jealous of my husband, which is back and the road. The fact that I can’t do this anymore pisses me off. For me trucking was not a job: I was paid to travel and visit places around CAN/USA with the man that I love.
    It’s hard for me to let him go, but like I say, you can’t keep a bird in a cage for the rest of it’s life.
    I hope that everyone that will read this study will understand the struggle of being away for weeks and the fact that it’s not because we have big rigs that were invincible. We are all humans after all with emotion and we live on those roads.
    Most of them don’t understand the fact that a trucker is fondamentale to economy. We all need truckers on a daily bases. Food, gas, cars, clothes and even house.
    So please: Respect the truckers! That’s all we ask!!!

  2. I agree, unless someone has been through this they can’t understand, you almost have to relate to understand and this has been very helpful to talk about some of the things that I have experienced and been through. This has been one of the hardest things to do and experience, especially to relive some of those moments but it has helped immensely and I am grateful to be a part of this survey/study.

  3. I was driving north on i75 and watched a car hit the median wall 3 times and go off the highway. He then hit a fence. The driver was overdosing behind the wheel. A pickup driver stopped, it was him and myself till police arrived. Most people did not stop. I would like people to know the kind of people truck drivers are. We are driving down the highways with the public even though many of us – including me, have been though a major incident. I hope this survey helps the drivers in it. It was a pleasure doing this and hope it helps.

  4. I would like to say that reading what others have gone though has helped a lot as I myself don’t speak about what has happened to very many people as they do not understand what the life is about the stuff that happens to us and around us daily. I am happy that we are able to share and hopefully others will see us in a better more positive light and accept that we are like them in many many ways.

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