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To give everyone a chance to discuss photos and captions, try and get your photos and captions in earlier than later. YES: You CAN go back and comment on a previous weeks’ galleries if you want. Ideally, let’s keep our attention on the road in front of us – whatever week we happen to be in – so that we keep rolling forward each week.

Be patient with me – your humble researcher in chief, Merlin. I will get photos and captions up as fast as I’m able to. Send your photos and captions to: or the email in the consent form – either works fine.

Running behind?? No problem – you can submit a previous week’s photo and caption late…but try to get them in during that week.

The gallery for each new week goes up at the beginning of the week. I’ll send you an email each week when that gallery opens (but so many of you areas on the ball you will probably find it before I get that mail out!).

YES: You CAN submit more than one photo BUT try to keep it to one if possible. If you cannot choose, tell me which one is your ‘top’ pick – I’ll have to stack them in the comment threads and only one will show up in main gallery preview (but will be in your thread though). Two pics means TWO captions unless the pics tell the same story (or are comparing something, or contrasting something, show a before and after situation etc).

YES: You can comment on comments (and even comment on commenters comments and so on!)

CHECK BACK OFTEN! You Knights are all over North America, in many time zones, in many places, and you’re on the move! No two of you have the same schedule or cycle. Come by when you can. Check in often to see new content and comments. If you only want to contribute your weekly photo and caption, and make observations here and there – cool – but I’m not watching the clock. If you want to engage more please DO.

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